KU Leuven Brussels Campus

KU Leuven - Brussels Campus: how to get there?

Three buildings

T'Serclaes (offices): Warmoesberg 26, 1000 Brussels

Erasmus (study spaces): Stormstraat 1, 1000 Brussels

Hermes (classrooms): different entrances (see below), this is where most of the action will take place

Entrances to the Hermes building

Warmoesberg 43, 1000 Brussels

(rooms 6303, 6306, 7403, 7404)

Stormstraat 2, 1000 Brussels

(main entrance, entrance to most of the classrooms)

Stormstraat 6, 1000 Brussels

(entrance to 1K216, the Aula Magna)

A quick guide to Hermes classroom numbers

Finding your way to your classroom can be tricky at first (we've been there, we feel you). But, the good news is that you'll find your room quickly and easily enough if you know how to interpret your four-digit room number:

  • The first digit is the classroom's floor. So, say you need to be in room 4202, you'll need to go to the 4th floor. Watch out: the floors in Hermes 3 don't match those of Hermes 2, so if you go from one building to the next, you may want to check what floor you're on. ;)

  • The second digit lets you know which part of the Hermes building the classroom is in: if it's a 1 or a 2, the classroom is in Hermes 1 or 2, if it's a 3 or a 4, the classroom is in Hermes 3. Classroom 4202 is in Hermes 1, for example.

  • The last two digits number the rooms throughout the floor. Numbering throughout Hermes 1 and 2 is continuous, numbering in Hermes 3 is separate. So, on the 4th floor 4202 is in Hermes 1, for example, and 4219 in Hermes 2 (towards the "end" of the floor).